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Are there other uses for wood pellets? PDF Print E-mail

Yes! Wood pellets are a superior product for horse bedding, and can also be used for kitty litter. While certain species of wood (pine for example) are better for the animals than others, wood pellets are very absorbent, almost eliminate the smell of urine, turn into sawdust when wet for easy, biodegradable disposal, last longer in horse stalls, make a much easier clean-up, don’t stick to the stall floor in cold weather, and are better for the horses than shavings or sawdust, and are more cost effective than any other alternative. Wood pellets make a great kitty litter as well for a lot of the same reasons. A litter box can be disposed of in total weekly without the usual sifting and box cleaning that clay litter requires, and it smells a lot better too!

At the other end of this spectrum, the market for wood pellet barbecues is growing quickly. Hickory and other specialized species of woods are being used in special pellet barbecue grills. They burn well and evenly, smell great, and work well.

Corinth Wood Pellets has made some horse bedding pellets on special request, and is looking into kitty litter, but currently we focus on the heating market. While pellets to replace clay kitty litter is also good for the environment, we feel we can have the greatest positive environmental impact by replacing as much fossil fuel as we possibly can with our premium pellets for the heating market. Help us! Buy Corinth Wood Pellets!

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