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Corinth Wood Pellets LLC manufactures premium wood pellet fuel from 100% natural wood fiber harvested in Maine.  We began manufacturing wood pellets in Maine in 2007, and are recognized as the premier wood pellet manufacturer in the state.  We are known for quality.

Corinth Premium Wood Pellets produces wood pellets from a special blend of hardwood and softwood.  Our pellets are 100% natural wood with no additives or chemical binders and very low ash content.  They burn evenly and provide long lasting consistent heat.

We guarantee that our pellets will meet or exceed the Pellet Fuel Institute’s standards for premium pellets because we quality test our pellets in our factory in our own laboratory directly off the production line every hour of every day, and then we date and time stamp every bag to assure that they are fresh, clean, dry when you get them.  We triple screen our pellets to eliminate any dust so you get all pellets and no dust in every bag.  See our product specification sheet for more information.

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Our Product Line

  • Premium Hardwood/Softwood Blended Pellets
  • Premium 100% Pine Horse Bedding

If you have questions about our wood pellets product line, please call one of our representatives at:
207-285-7700 or 1-877-3PELLET. You can also e-mail us at:

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  • Buy renewable energy
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  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Keep our energy dollars in Maine
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