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I have burned 5 different types of wood pellet fuel in my stove from various manufacturers. your pellets by far are the ones with the least sawdust in the bag as well as the ones that produce the least wood dust when filling the stove. Whatever you're doing, keep it up!! I have had other pellets from other manufacturers that have had all kinds of sawdust in the bag as well as create a plume of wood dust when filling the stove. Thanks for your time.

Northern Maine

Just wanted to say that I purchased 2 tons of your Corinth Wood Pellets and they are great! Burning them in my Harman Accentra insert and they are very good quality. Low ash and good consistency in packaging. No bags 1/2 full of sawdust like some other brands. Good clean burning quality product. Thanks!

South of Boston

Folks, this product is the best I've ever used in 10 plus years! I finished my ton supply, and now I can't find a single bag anywhere. Ace Hardware and Paris Farmers Union were the two places I tried with no luck. Will you be re-stocking or am I doomed to utilize inferior pellets? If this is your first year, I wouldn't worry about succeeding, you're already there!

Scarborough, Maine

I had to write and let you know that I think your pellets are the best I have ever used. I have been buying all different brands of pellets over the last 2 winters and I have even made the mistake of purchasing Wal-Mart and Home Depot pellets. The difference with Corinth Pellets is incredible. The burn pot doesn’t fill up with residual ash the glass stay cleaner (which to me means a more efficient heat source). Thanks for the great product.

Lebanon, Maine

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